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Sacred Space Massage & Bodywork is a sanctuary for healing the body, mind and spirit. With a blend of Swedish massage, Shiatsu and Integrative Bodywork you will receive a massage that is both profoundly therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Each treatment is customized to your needs to create an atmosphere for healing that will leave you feeling nourished and refreshed. 

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"Cheryl is magnificent! I've been coming to see her for a little over a year and will remain a loyal client.  Cheryl has a variety of techniques that allows her to work out those knots in a relaxing way.  She also has a calm and peaceful energy that really allows you to relax on the table. I recently started doing 90 minute massages instead of 60, and it is totally worth it.  I sit at a desk a lot so my shoulders take the brunt of my work and takes 90 minutes to work that out. I highly recommend a visit to Cheryl. She never disappoints!"  ......Violet

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