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Workshops and Training

Are you interested in expanding your skill set as a massage therapist or would you like to learn massage as a hobby to use as a healing tool for your friends and family? I offer classes on a professional level and also to the general public. Weekend workshops for personal growth and development are coming soon. Stay tuned. 

Shiatsu Training

Shiatsu training teaches practitioners how to use finger and palm pressure along with stretches. The form or kata is done like a piece of choreography. Done correctly shiatsu generates a flow of qi within the bodies of both the recipient and the practioner. 

The Inspired Couples Massage Class

Deepening Connection Through Compassionate Touch.

Learn specific techniques to expand your relationship with your partner. Through guided instruction, exercises, demonstrations and hand-on practice you will give and receive a nurturing massage with your partner.

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Stay tuned for more info!

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